Sage Finkle
Born in the Catskill mountains I am dually based in Brooklyn and Fleichmanns, the small town where I grew up. I hold a multidisciplinary BFA in Photography and Graphic Design from Purchase College of Art+Design. 
I find inspiration in concepts of home, unfamiliarity and the magic of rural nature. This path leads towards themes of transitions, loss, fluidity and visions that come to us through the mundane. I explore the stories and uncertainty everyday objects bring to us if we look closely. Through the playfulness of dreaming and seriousness of truth, I reflect on what it means for us to navigate life with different lenses. I aim to highlight the importance of visual languages and how they help us communicate and connect with each other and our surroundings. When we approach the creation of things as a primary flow of expansion and growth; the beauty of seeing, looking and finding naturally teach and heal us. 
When i’m not creating with images and experimenting with words you’ll find me exploring some other favorite W’s… watching, weaving, and wondering!